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Busy weekend

It’s only Saturday and I can predict it’s gonna be a crazy weekend.

We’re not going to the dog show for the first time in our dog-owning lives (??!horror?!!?), and also, Andy hasnt quite made up his mind about what color for the car.
And frankly, I know nuts about cars and the person he ought to consult is his father.
However, the last few times we tried to talk our way to getting new wheels, it was unsuccessul and that has left me feeling damn pissed, even till now everytime I think about it.

We went to the showroom to look at the new wheels. The lady was uber friendly and my first impression of her was that she gave me this tight vaso-constricting handshake.
If anyone wants to know what I think about the car.. Well, as long as it can fit a young unmarried couple in the front, and 2 shedding maniacs in the hatchback boot, I’m cool.
Hot wheels aside, Andy actually suggested we bring Mavy to Shaz’s house and let the big dogs exercise in the field! 
It’s rather unlike him to plan gatherings for dogs. Sooo shweet…
Or is it because after play-group everyone will be heading for crabs and seafood? Hmm….

And.. I’ve never mentioned this before, but I just can’t wait for my exams to be over on 3rd Nov, to be exact.
I’ve promised myself and Mavy that I wont be so caught up in books and ignore his physical and mental well-being, so well, actually I intend to sign him up for new classes. (After bugging Kaiser-daddy with endless questions for 1904343455 times :P).

Andy will surely protest if he knows the costs involved. Erm, from what I read in self-help articles, the supporting wife/gf should not disclose too much unnecessary information that might pose a threat to the relationship.
So I dont intend to let Andy know about this.
He already has enough issues to worry about. I mean, think of all the paper work involved when you need to rid your old car and get a new one. I heard him and that vaso-constriction-handshake-lady mention “paper value” and “insurance”.
He really doesnt need to be overloaded with mundane dog-training information.

For now, we will just embrace the weekend and savour the seafood tonight! Did I mention we love crabs??

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