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Memory lane: Gina O’ Keefe’s workshop

A recent trip down memory lane brought back some fond memories.
Here’s what:

Mavy-mummy had signed Mavy-puppy up for gina O Keefe’s Positive Training workshop organised by PUPS Training School
For the uninitiated, Gina O’ Keefe is one of the top trainers and competitors in dog sports in Australia.
Here are some of her dogs’ achievements:
Aust Obedience Champion Luftadastra Kiri ADM JDM ,(Top Obedience Dog W.A 1999 to 2002) -Aust Obedience Champ Kimari Crackerjac Pepper ADM JDM  , Max UD
Indie AD JD

Mavy-Daddy paid for the course (how nice), and 3 evenings were spent at a CC in AMK attending the workshop.
Later, we came to find out that the CC is just next to Shaz’s house! So near and yet so far…
It was an eye opening experience, very valuable lessons learnt and taught, and Mavy thoroughly enjoyed it!
It turns out that Gina is Shelley’s friend in Perth! 8)

There’s Mavy being the class clown. No prizes for guessing who was teacher’s pet! hahaha

The 3-hr per night class was split into theory part and practical part.
The ace student was paying full attention. hahaha

Erm… the last night, Mavy koonzzzz ZZZzz 🙄

During the 3 nights, we did theory work, laid down our objectives for attending the workshop (some wanted a well-behaved pet, some aimed for greater heights at trials, and me? I just wanted to know more about clicker training).
The practical part, we did Obedience and attention work, and also some basics to Agility the clicker way, like Right- and Left-hand handling, reinforcing Start-stays, and problem-solving.
And oh, we had lots of cakes and drinks too!

We hope that PUPS will organise more of such workshops with overseas trainers. I never thought clicker training was such a science. Yeah, now I know..


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