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Learning Weave poles

It has been a pretty hectic week (read: madness).

My attachment started, which meant I had to leave the house for work when everyone else is dead to the world.
Time flies when you are busy.

You’d think that with all running around and standing all day a nurse has to do, I’d be dead tired, but instead, I still had loads of adrenaline left for training Agility.
It must be my Mum’s genes!

Here’s what I do on most weekdays for this week:
– Go for coffee (for me, Milo) with the girls after work
– Head back and morphe into Training Gear
– Head to nearby lush and lovely field with Weave poles and dog in tow! (Yes, Weave poles!!)

And our achievement this week?
We’re into our 6th pole already!
I dont know how other people train Weaves, but I use a Clicker and start with 2 poles, and click for the right entry and the behavior.
After about 10 tries, I add on a 3rd pole. and so on…
We’ve been pretty lucky for the rain these days to keep things cool.

Today, we’ll take a break from Agility.
We’re heading to Venise’s party!

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