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va va vroom

Went to collect our new car yesterday.
Want to know what car we bought? Click here !

Someone got tired of Automatic hence this car is *Gasp* Manual.
I had a hard time trying to learn how to drive a manual transmission car again and it’s obvious I need lessons again.

Luckily, Siew Lee from Garage R has been kind to offer me free driving lessons using her car.
So, our first driving date?? Next Sunday.
I must say I’m really proud to have bought our car from Garage R.
Lee is the vaso-constriction-handshake lady I mentioned before in my earlier post.
Her brother Lestor Wong is a racer who appeared in this month’s issue of Hot Stuff car mag.

She is by far the nicest and most sincere car dealer, or in fact any sales person, I’ve ever met.
She has no airs about her, and she took the pain and trouble to explain the littlest details to us, being first time car buyers (the ex-car was bought by Andy’s dad).

So happily, and rather awkwardly, Andy drove off the new wheels hehe and was very funny because he couldnt really get the hang of driving Manual again after so many years.
I think the other road users thought he was on crack!

And the lady owner’s duty?
To fix up a dog-friendly boot with poncho and car seat covers plus a short leash attached just in case the dog decides to jump from boot to windscreen.


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