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Double standards

The other night, my folks brought Alice out for a ride in the car, despite the fact that it was raining, and Alice hates the rain.
The sounds of rain pitter-pattering on the window panes just make her freak out. That cowardly girl.

So, in true cowardly-girl fashion, she frantically scratched the back seats in her feeble attempt to stand on hind legs. (She was in the boot, because remember I said my folks bought a new hatchback car and now the new rule is – kids in the boot)
Now let me tell you, if I did anything close to that, I would have been smacked and told to Lie Down and Stay and “Stop distracting me Mavy!”. Hmmph..
Instead, all Alice got was “Hey baby girl dont be scared mama’s just right here in the front alright”

And that’s not all. Somehow, Alice managed to tuck her tummy in and squeeze all the way to the front through just a tiny tiny gap in between the seats, and before the humans know it, she was in the front pasenger seat at mama’s legs!
At that instance mama was still in a reclined position trying to figure out how come there was suddenly silence from the boot when she felt something warm and fuzzy at her feet.

But what injustice! Alice managed to con the humans with her innocent wide-eyed infamous Sheltie look and all she got was “Oh Alice! There you are.. Poor girl. Dont be scared yah? The rain wont come in.”

There was one time I jumped from the boot to the back seat, because in the old car, we kids were used to sitting anywhere we wanted, even on the humans’ laps.
And can you guess what happened? Daddy pulled up at kerb-side at lightning speed and mama got off hurriedly with a frown on her face, opened the door at my side and smacked me on the butt, and trashed me back into the boot, not before bellowing in thunder voice “You stay there ok! Else you clean up the fur!”

Huh… now you see? It’s official. My mama has double standards. And daddy wont even say anything to defend me. If anything, I think he even joined in the scolding. So much for being “best pals, buddies, boyz team” Blah! So you guys from a multi-kid household better start fighting for your rights.

I sure fought for mine, because 2 nights ago I got treated to a 5 course dinner – 1 cup yoghurt as appetiser, and 4 pieces of pork bones, in different shapes.

Australian all natural yoghurt. Yum! Makes mental note to remind humans to top up food bin

Which one is the entrée? *licks*

If only I can convince them that I’m mistreated everyday, so I dont have to do silly tricks like Heel and Stay to get my food anymore!

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What a Splashin’ Christmas

My humans have been really really mean. And I do mean mean. You get the idea.
They’ve been very busy going for Christmas parties without me! And they totally forgot social-butterflies collies like me wanna be part of the fun.
And it doesnt help that it’s been a wet wet week so I couldn’t go out to romp in the fields even though I’ve been dying to get myself a mud spa just in time for Christmas.

At least my missus got some conscience so she reserved Christmas day for me to – SWIM!
When I saw her packing up my favourite Squido and towels and shampoo and brush and yadayada, I couldnt contain my excitement and wiggled my butt in anticipation! Ya’ know, according to Shakira, hips dont lie.

That’s me swimming…

And swimmin’

And when I get tired of swimming, I do this…

And this. Come back Squido!!

Here Squido!

… almost . . .

There! Good Squido.

I must’ve amused some kids there, because they came over to take photos of me. I did a pretty good Stand Stay for them, I really dont mind, as long as I get pats and praises! And someone to throw the darn toy.

Can you throw it again? One more time?


Then there was this aunty sitting at our table, right next to my bag and my humans’ stuff.
I thought she wanted to make friends so I went right up to her, and did a . pretty . good . body . shake. Sending the splashes her way. She got mad at me and left. Well, serves her right for being such a wet blanket! Literally and figuratively. Heh.

After a good wash down with Plush Puppy shampoo and doggy cologne, I’m smelling like a million bucks and ready to go home to relax in my favourite corner.

Now, what should I do on Boxing Day?

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My wet dawgs


At East Coast beach enjoying a swim

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Trash or treasure

Our neighbourhood is undergoing revamp, which includes repainting.
When the boots-wearing workers came to our unit, they emptied everything from the pipe doors. And guess what tumbled out?

– Bird cage that was used to house our Australian Noisy Pitta.
My dad picked it up on the roadside. It injured its leg so we nursed it back to health. When it got well it fed on meal worms and insects. This is a rare bird in Singapore, and can only be found in the Jurong Bird Park. But I kept it as a pet when I was a young girl. What a cool kid I was!
We opened the cage door on several occasions nearby the window so that it could fly back into the wild but it never did, so it stayed and became my pet. I let it out in the balcony after school, to hop around, but it never flew away. Cool….
I even remember going to grassy areas to catch ants for it haha

– Wisker basket crate that belonged to my tabby cat.
My cat died about a decade ago. I cant believe this crate is still around! We used to bring him to the vet in this, that was when Singapore was quite lax about pets on public transport.

– Camping tent from John Little sale
I dont remember camping when I was young because I was never fond of sleeping in the cold with insects.
Maybe that’s why the camping tent is still new. My folks must’ve thought my brothers & I would grow up to be some Geologists and Botanists. Heh.

– Used rabbit cage
Obviously it was for my beloved Dwarf rabbit, Feifei. I remember her as one fiesty little rabbit. When she was still around she growls at my Silky Terrier (if he were alive he would be 18 by now), and Mavy (when he was an innocent pupz who went a-sniffin’).

– Planks of different lengths and sizes. No idea what they were for.
– Sand for fish tank. But we dont have a fish tank. 
– Dust blanket about 2in thick. Might contain fragments of fur and whiskers.
– Dead and dried up lizard

Spent a good later part of the morning cleaning up.
I obviously had a childhood filled with pets and animals. Even when my pets died, my parents didnt wanna throw away the cages. Maybe they were thinking I might want them in future, for reminiscence sake.

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Cupcake fantasy

It has been downpouring non-stop since yesterday so I baked up a storm in my little kitchen.

Here’s the outcome of my lovely cupcakes. They’re very sinful and delicious, if I may say so myself.
I’ve also found myself a great idea for wedding anniversaries, housewarmings and gatherings! Saves $$ buying gifts that people wont need anyway. 🙂

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing

Icing recipe:

> 200ml whipping cream
> 1/5 cup granulated sugar
> 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

METHOD: Beat up the whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a mixer until frothy and creamy.
Spread onto cupcakes, decorate, and chill in refrigerator.

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Border Collies celebrate Xmas too!

Date: 16 Dec 2006
Time: 7pm till late
Venue: Dexter’s & Debra’s home

Attendance for the evening:
– David & Jenny + Jordon & Princess (Standard Poodles)
– Tina & Patrick + Buddy (Border Collie)
– Rudy & Evelyn + Bill (Border Collie)
– Christine & Ah Hwa + Micky (Border Collie)
– Kenneth + Kaiser & Paddy (Border Collie & Australian Terrier)
– Shanice + Nova (Shetland Sheepdog)
– Jasmine + Yuki (Maltese)
– And us! Andy, Veron + Mavy (Border Collie)

Diamond (Border Collie), Mikah (Border Collie), Keesha (Australian Shepherd), Benji (Border Collie), Zack (Shiba Inu).

What’s Christmas without turkey?

Our hospitable host

Guess the secret to shutter-happy Border Collies?

Lovely dog cake baked by Christine. The dogs had quiches and cookies baked by her too!

This one just melts in your mouth!

He’s rarely so attentive with other dogs around. I swear! Must be the turkey

And for the gift exchange, we got a much-raved-about Visglo dog collar!
However I dont really fancy such stuff, and the chances of Mavy getting lost in the dark is as high as striking lottery, so I think it should go to a more deserving dog.
Who wants to exchange their gifts???

And oh, I didnt know Christine lives in CCK.
The other time Sharon told me she saw a lovely BC at CCK, around Block 200+. “It had very plush fur.”
Could it be Micky!?!?!

Cant believe there is a Bill here too. Uncanny resemblence to the SuperBill, this Bill is lanky and has super long legs too, right down to the short coat and ear set.
And this Bill is apparently the fastest dog on the Flyball team too. The Super Sonic Bill they call him.

We had too much unfinished food. What to do? We played number game and the person who guessed the correct number (between 1-100) had to eat 2-4 items from the table.
I love this game because I always never guess the correct number hahaha.
Poor Shanice striked twice!

Towards the end, we all set our goals for 2007.

> Clean runs for Nova and Prince.
> Obedience and Utility Dog of the Year 07 for Max.
> AD & JD for Kaiser.
> CGC, Pre-novice and clean runs for Micky.
> Novice, Agility and Jumpers premiere for Mavy.
> Clean runs for Buddy.
> Overseas agility trainer seminar
Let’s hope everyone will achieve their goals

Time we got home? 1am.
Time we finally slept? 2am.

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PUPS 5th Agility FUNdamentals Camp

There we were. Spending the evening and night with my folks doing what I love best.
My classmates for the night, and most probably for the next level, were Lucky the GR Hasher (with his human Alvin), Whisky the Mini Schnauzer (with human Elsa) and Nima the Hungarian Vizla with her human Vicki.
Of course there was also Benji and our PUPS instructors.

So there were no other Border Collies, but we had fun anyway!

Can you guess my expression?

The playground…
The first half of the evening was spent as an ice-breaker for the humans, although I have no problems with the other doggies too.
Then we laid the foundation ground work, working on basic handling skills (such as front-cross, which is totally new to Mum) and introduction to obstacles.
The second part of the night consisted of more complex stuff, like running the course.
I need lots of polishing up that’s for sure. And Mummy too. She forgot which obstacle to run next! Making me run halfway up the A-frame before realising she made a wrong turn where I was really supposed to be doing the See-saw. Hmmph… Bad Mummy.

Some photos to share…


Photos courtesy of Daddy.

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