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PUPS 5th Agility FUNdamentals Camp

There we were. Spending the evening and night with my folks doing what I love best.
My classmates for the night, and most probably for the next level, were Lucky the GR Hasher (with his human Alvin), Whisky the Mini Schnauzer (with human Elsa) and Nima the Hungarian Vizla with her human Vicki.
Of course there was also Benji and our PUPS instructors.

So there were no other Border Collies, but we had fun anyway!

Can you guess my expression?

The playground…
The first half of the evening was spent as an ice-breaker for the humans, although I have no problems with the other doggies too.
Then we laid the foundation ground work, working on basic handling skills (such as front-cross, which is totally new to Mum) and introduction to obstacles.
The second part of the night consisted of more complex stuff, like running the course.
I need lots of polishing up that’s for sure. And Mummy too. She forgot which obstacle to run next! Making me run halfway up the A-frame before realising she made a wrong turn where I was really supposed to be doing the See-saw. Hmmph… Bad Mummy.

Some photos to share…


Photos courtesy of Daddy.

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