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My wet dawgs


At East Coast beach enjoying a swim

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Trash or treasure

Our neighbourhood is undergoing revamp, which includes repainting.
When the boots-wearing workers came to our unit, they emptied everything from the pipe doors. And guess what tumbled out?

– Bird cage that was used to house our Australian Noisy Pitta.
My dad picked it up on the roadside. It injured its leg so we nursed it back to health. When it got well it fed on meal worms and insects. This is a rare bird in Singapore, and can only be found in the Jurong Bird Park. But I kept it as a pet when I was a young girl. What a cool kid I was!
We opened the cage door on several occasions nearby the window so that it could fly back into the wild but it never did, so it stayed and became my pet. I let it out in the balcony after school, to hop around, but it never flew away. Cool….
I even remember going to grassy areas to catch ants for it haha

– Wisker basket crate that belonged to my tabby cat.
My cat died about a decade ago. I cant believe this crate is still around! We used to bring him to the vet in this, that was when Singapore was quite lax about pets on public transport.

– Camping tent from John Little sale
I dont remember camping when I was young because I was never fond of sleeping in the cold with insects.
Maybe that’s why the camping tent is still new. My folks must’ve thought my brothers & I would grow up to be some Geologists and Botanists. Heh.

– Used rabbit cage
Obviously it was for my beloved Dwarf rabbit, Feifei. I remember her as one fiesty little rabbit. When she was still around she growls at my Silky Terrier (if he were alive he would be 18 by now), and Mavy (when he was an innocent pupz who went a-sniffin’).

– Planks of different lengths and sizes. No idea what they were for.
– Sand for fish tank. But we dont have a fish tank. 
– Dust blanket about 2in thick. Might contain fragments of fur and whiskers.
– Dead and dried up lizard

Spent a good later part of the morning cleaning up.
I obviously had a childhood filled with pets and animals. Even when my pets died, my parents didnt wanna throw away the cages. Maybe they were thinking I might want them in future, for reminiscence sake.

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