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What a Splashin’ Christmas

My humans have been really really mean. And I do mean mean. You get the idea.
They’ve been very busy going for Christmas parties without me! And they totally forgot social-butterflies collies like me wanna be part of the fun.
And it doesnt help that it’s been a wet wet week so I couldn’t go out to romp in the fields even though I’ve been dying to get myself a mud spa just in time for Christmas.

At least my missus got some conscience so she reserved Christmas day for me to – SWIM!
When I saw her packing up my favourite Squido and towels and shampoo and brush and yadayada, I couldnt contain my excitement and wiggled my butt in anticipation! Ya’ know, according to Shakira, hips dont lie.

That’s me swimming…

And swimmin’

And when I get tired of swimming, I do this…

And this. Come back Squido!!

Here Squido!

… almost . . .

There! Good Squido.

I must’ve amused some kids there, because they came over to take photos of me. I did a pretty good Stand Stay for them, I really dont mind, as long as I get pats and praises! And someone to throw the darn toy.

Can you throw it again? One more time?


Then there was this aunty sitting at our table, right next to my bag and my humans’ stuff.
I thought she wanted to make friends so I went right up to her, and did a . pretty . good . body . shake. Sending the splashes her way. She got mad at me and left. Well, serves her right for being such a wet blanket! Literally and figuratively. Heh.

After a good wash down with Plush Puppy shampoo and doggy cologne, I’m smelling like a million bucks and ready to go home to relax in my favourite corner.

Now, what should I do on Boxing Day?

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