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I love kids

Has mama ever mentioned I love kids? No, not the Michael Jackson kinda way.

On New Year’s Eve I went for a swim, and after what seemed like forever at the pool, my folks brought me to their favourite Steamboat BBQ place for dinner.
We ate al fresco and I had an entire field all to myself!
Nobody seemed to mind me, and the owner of the place asked mum “Is that a Sheltie?”
If you think that’s funny, well there have been funnier comments, like “Is that a mixed breed?” “Is it a mongrel?” “Look, there’s a long-haired Husky” and the mother of all – “Oh, a grey dalmation!”

Let me tell you, where I came from, everyone loves dogs and people make a career out of dog-showing and training.
Here in Singapore, I had a culture shock.
People dont really adore dogs and in fact, I think they hate dogs! *gasp*
Parents would quickly pull their kids away whenever they spot something on a leash about 5m away.
I have friends who have been insulted dirty, smelly, dangerous, whatever you can imagine.

Luckily for me, I didnt really encounter many of such incidents.
Starting from the family, all the little cousins like me, even the maid Nisa!
And most times, wherever we go, parents allow their kids to come pat me.
Mama’s friend Aunty Shelley has 2 kids whom I adore too! Especially Estelle, we’re only born one month apart.
Mama wonders why I never ever jump on kids since I make jumping on my humans a habit.
What she doesnt know is I’m very careful when I’m around children.

Yesterday was no exception.
At the Steamboat BBQ place, I was lying down basking in the mid-day sun on the field, just enjoying myself.
Then, a group of about 6 children, aged around 7-10, came over and one girl (later I found out her name was Valerie) picked up my Frisbee and it all became a wonderful game where they kids took turns to throw my toy.
Even the fathers/uncles, mums/aunts and a lady passerby joined in the fun.

Valerie asked “What dog is that?”
Father (or uncle) said “That’s a Border Collie”
Kids in cohesion: “I also wanna have a dog….”
At that moment, I was impressed! He must be some dog connoisseur considering so many people here mistake me for something else.
The frisbee game with the family went on for some time until their table was ready.

Funny how come nobody asked “Whose dog is that?”
When everybody dispersed, the lady passer-by hooked my leash on me and looked tempted to bring me home when she saw mama looking on and she asked “Is that your dog?”
Mama: “Yes.” *smiles*
Lady: “Ahh……He’s very obedient”
Mama: *smiles even wider, proud of me*

There, I made everybody’s day.
I even had a little thought running through my mind, that someday with my love & affection, and a little bit of my cleverness (is there such a word), I would influence how people think about dogs and they would pass on this admiration of dogs to their kids and all kids would grow up loving animals.

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