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what i really reallllyyyy want

I’ve not said this before, but doesnt mean I have no wishes for Xmas! or New year, or anything!

You will never find Mummy baking yummy cookies in the kitchen for us, unlike Kingsley’s S who bakes an awful lot for him, and other yummy-mummies who bake for their furkids.
Not that my Mum doesnt know how to bake, she does bake mean cupcakes! But because I’m on a diet, and Alice has food allergies, so our oven is pretty much under-utilised.
So yummy bakes are out for me.

But what about non-edible stuff?
I’m getting sick of my Rogz collar & matching leash set. To top it off, Mum got the exact same set for me to replace my bashed-up set. (And the bashed-up set is actually Alice’s hand-me-down) Doesn’t she have any sense of¬†imagination or creativity??

What I would really love is this If It Wags Collar and Leash set

question: Does the green one suit me? or this orange set??

And also, I could do with a new bowl.
Ever since I did Agility over my ceramic bowl and broke it, I’ve been using Alice’s hand-me-down old steel bowl.
Mummy rationalized that “It will never break no matter how I jump over it”
True, but nothing beats having your own spanking new shiny metal bowl bought from the store.
Why do I have to use Alice’s hand-me-downs for everything!

I’m just a simple boy with simple wishes.
I still have lots of good Frisbees, tennis balls, and tug toys so I have very few (but real) “wants”.
Won’t mummy buy the collar & leash set for me?

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I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Chester to list 5 of my 2007’s resolutions and then tag five friends…then those friends will have to name their 5 New Year’s Resolutions and tag five of their friends!

1. I resolve to lose weight and by that, it means that Mama is able to palpate my ribs with ease.

2. I resolve to stop pulling the leash while on walks

3. I resolve to go to more trekking and hiking trips with my folks

4. I resolve to get back into Obedience ring

5. I resolve to do well in Agility

There! Now it’s my turn to tag Nova, Shadow, Suria, Sunshade and Georgia!

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