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Hash January 2007: Bukit Brown Cemetry

First hash of the year, and also my very first hash.
Now I can say I’ve been there and done that! 😀

Rough doggy head count: 30.

Meeting point where all dogs and their humans gather.

Do you recognise anyone here?

Prep talk. You know you’re on the right trail when you see toilet paper, chalk and flour.
When it happens, just bark “On on!”

Halfway through the trail…

Looking weary but the march is still on

Ahh… there’s Aunty Jenny with something precious

In the middle of the cemetry…

We had to thread through rivers and steams…

Even the humans were not spared.

After awhile, I turned around and realised Dad & Mum were nowhere in sight!
Neither did I see Aunty Jenny. I was with Uncle Pal, Suria and Luna in the front all along and wondered where my humans were.
But I still had to march on… And march on  I did. Throughout the rest of the hash I didnt see my folks again until the very end.
I suppose that’s what soldiers do in war too. Time waits for no one.

At the finish line…

Not my birthday, it’s Princess’ and Duchess’ birthdays! But we get to celebrate.
Uncle Pal was kind enough to stuff 2 muffins into my mouth, which Mama didnt share the same thoughts about.
Oh well… Maybe next time she can just ask me to do some tricks before feeding me, but please dont ask me to give up my dinner!

Downing beer in dog bowls from Ikea looks alot more fun when the Aussies sing “Down down down down down…”

In true Hash fashion, first timers have to come in a circle and down beer from dog bowls.
As you will see, anything can be worth cheering for. Hashing in a skirt, hashing in sandals, the one who smiles alot (Dad *ahem*), brown bottoms have to bottom up… anything!

From Kingsley’s:

It was fun!
I’ve never seen my papa sweat like that and mama hasnt been this tired since she ran Agility with me last month.
After that we all went home to take a much needed shower and went for dinner, or rather, the hungry humans went for dinner while we stayed in the car

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