14 Jan 2007: Lorong Lada Hitam

January 15, 2007 at 1:33 pm 6 comments

In a bid to keep fit and healthy, we kept our date with the good ol’ Pet Portal gang for our fortnightly dose of morning exercise. In spite of the drizzle, all was good and merry.

Everyone reached destination early. Especially Aunty E she arrived the first, for being 1hour late for dinner the night before!
This time, even Dainty Alice joined us. (But you are soon to find out what changed her cheerful expression…)

Squeaky clean Crocs and white crisp socks will soon become….

Yummy chocolicious brownies! YUM!

The wet and the wonderful:

Aunty E: “We got lost in the forest.”
Gal friend: “Ok if you need help I will call 995 and despatch some SAR members”
Suria: My bum is my nicest angle.

Along the way we met a Spider. Psst Russ, what’s that nursery song about Spiders?

And another one

And a smoke granade.

Natural Pooch: NEW Wild Lingzhi on the menu.

Me and comrade Russ.

Why do I adore Russ?
Because I can always count on him to play Fetch!

There were no trails, no markers…

We just went on and on

Aunty E: UUGHHH!

Now that’s what I call a swim! In therapeutic icy cool mud.

Uncle Jack rescuing un-sheltie Liz out of the woods. that’s what happened to her.
In fact, Aunty Joy and mum + dad took turns to carry her.

Liz: From cheerful to cheesed off. But hey! at least we found a shed.

Jewel looking apprehensive because we were stuck in the shed and nearly got lost.

Aunty E: *unglam pic #1*  Let me have my fix first.. to help me inhale better.

Unglam pic #2: trying to make it out alive and live to tell this tail!
Aunty E: OK that’s it.. Next hash: Botanic Gardens.

Unglam pic #3: That’s very unbecoming of a girl Jewel!

Unglam pic #4: Stuck in mud

Uncle Pal: Getting lost is the most fun part of it all!
Aunty E: I see civilization, but can we get there??
Russ: This is FUN! This is what real boys do!

We hiked for 3 hours, nearly got lost in the woods and the humans got cut by thorns.
All in all, it was a terrific time for me and my friends, but a terrifying time for Alice.
We all got wet and dirrtyy and had to head to Aunty Joy’s house for a shower- humans and dogs alike.
After that we feasted on home baked cookies while humans had dinner and everyone had to retire for the day even before it ended.
Luckily training got postponed due to the rain.

For more unglam pics, go to Aunty Joy’s: http://jarc.multiply.com/photos/album/102

“Life is a journey one takes.. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
But don’t forget to bring the dogs!” Shelley Chua.

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