Toy cars

January 20, 2007 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

Am hogging the dawgs’ bandwidth tonight. Sorry dude & dudette, but you guys have more than enough tete-a-teting.
Went for car servicing today and wanted to install some parts at our favourite garage.

Compared to our humble Colt Ralliart R, it was overwhelming to see the number of Evos when we arrived. One would think it was an Evo outing.
Now you know Singaporeans do have the spare cash to splurge on their toy cars.
As always, I’m fascinated with Lee, my vaso-constriction handshake lady. She looked uber cool driving an Evo wagon due for servicing. I’m her secret fan! Maybe one day I could drive like her and join the Sepang tracks. 😛
Alright… maybe I wont. But I can always fantasize right?

And yes, I’m very impressed that we have the same guy assigned to our car everytime we make a trip down.

Toy car: Evolution 9

Toy car: Skyline GTR R34

Toy car: World’s 7th fastest Evo standing

Toy car: Nissan Fairlady

Modding monsters

Modding is an art in itself.

Entry filed under: Hot wheels.

14 Jan 2007: Lorong Lada Hitam Toy cars – part II

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