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Toy cars – part II

Spent the whole day at Garage R today, just because of one EVC.
The user manual is in Japanese (??!!) and none of the mechanics knew Jap so tuning had to be done trial and error.
Having spent the entire day at the garage, I saw some familiar faces again like Gary the guy who drives Fair Lady, and this hippy uncle who drives the blue Skyline R34 twin turbo I saw last week.

I seem to have an increased fascination for toy cars and admiration for what big $$$ people spend to fix their rides, albeit it’s a very expensive hobby.
I know it sure does BIG things to the ego of the driver whenever one drives into the garage with all the noise and, like I keep joking with Shaz, making those “piang piang POOM” sounds from exhaust or “Psst” sounds from the blow off valve. LOL!!
That’s a sure head-turner and everyone is curious what is cooking under the bonnet.
Amidst the long wait, I get to take some more photos of the one-of-many Evos belonging to Garage R and…

Meddle with the Integra Type R! First time sitting in a car with only 1 seat, plastic windows and bars all over the interior of the car. And what’s that net on the window??

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