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[Alice] Job opening available

Aunty Shanice has a job opening – for doggies. Here’s the catch – you need to have sensitive skin or persistent skin problems. Which is so me.

Let me disclose a little about my health. I’ve been having the mother of all skin problems forever.
Mummy has consulted countless vets from Animal Recovery Clinic, Mt Pleasant, AMK Veterinary Clinic and Allpets Vet, but none could diagnose my problem – is it congenital, food allergy, inhalant allergy, chemical allergy?

Since nobody knows the diagnosis, I can only rely on long term steroid therapy. Which is by the way, BAD for humans and doggies alike. Long term steroid therapy will cause reduced hair growth and suppressed immune system.
But it’s not like I have a choice. Mummy has tried all ways and exhausted every means of herbal remedies, homeopathy, natural rememdies etc but nothing has worked.
She even self-dianosed me as suffering from Auto Immune disorder but the vet argued that it’s not.

Now that Aunty Shanice has a job opening, and since I’m such a suitable candidate, I wonder if I can apply??
If I’m successful, this could be my first gainful employment because as you all know, I lead a tai-tai life (read: yawnful, uneventful). How wonderful if I can work to earn my keep and cure myself at the same time? Talk about independence. 😀

Interested candidates, please contact Aunty Shanice at

by the way here’s a pic of me at my everyday best:

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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