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25 Feb 07: Mandai Lake Road

Read up about the invitation on Aunty Jenny’s blog.
She and Uncle Palani organised today’s gathering. 😀

Dogs who attended: Suria, Luna, Jewel, Jeannie, Benji, Rainy, Bear Bear the chilli padi girl, Girl Girl the sweetest thing, Bear Bear the fearsome rottie (according to him lah), Kaiser, Mister Toto, and me!

We were the first to arrive.

Benji was a little grumpy today.. Can you tell?

Bear Bear.. fighter chick LOL

Girl girl….

Mister Toto

I think Rainy the Beagle is in love with me. We hit it off right from the start…

We went on the rocky roads together.

And went exploring the jungles together. “Be careful my handsome Mavy….”

Rainy seems like a nice and dandy Beagle. I would love to know Rainy better, if not for the fact that he is GAY!
I may be SNAG (Sterilised New Age Guy) but I’m straight!

Highlight of the day: Mum was face-to-face with ANACONDA when she was crossing a little stream and Aunty Joy shouted “SNAKE SNAKE” and pulled Mum out of the water to safety. Phew!

We also crossed the reservoir, which at the deepest point was chest-deep for the humans. EEW. I’m still waiting for the unglam “Andy air the crocs” pic from Aunty Jenny and Ting.

Across the reservoir at the other side.
Uncle K looking uber cool… I wanna be a commando like him when I grow up!

All the swimming and snake-scare was worth it.

Taking a dip in the refreshing clean water!

After the 3 hr hike…

Looks like Rainy isn’t the only gay around! Guess who is having a tryst with Suria (hidden in the bush trying to be discreet)

They were going at it all day. After awhile, I’m suspecting Brother Suria is secretly enjoying it! 😆

And me?

Taking a blissful rest. Uncle Palani’s fried bee hoon, pappadam and fried chicken wings were so fantastic they were gone instantly.
Next gathering, Aunty Joy appointed my folks to do the organising. Hah!
Knowing my mama, she’d choose the easiest trail they’ve gone through before.
But my biggest worry for her is – she can’t cook to save her life!  Will she unwittingly poison the guests? You have been fore-warned… 😛

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