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11 March 07: Bt Brown Cemetry

Erm I didnt join the fun today, because Mama was thinking I’m smelling like JPG Le Male so she’s lazy to groom me again today (I just bathed yesterday after attending Meteor’s and Jasmine’s birthday party)

But honestly I’m glad she didnt because turns out, I had 3 torn paw pads, which is quite a torture, out of 4 paws.

Human count: 14.
Dawg count: forgot to count

Anyhow, I’m sure everyone had fun! My folks organised this but they were actually the LAST to arrive! Turns out that they were on time, but when they drove in, they didnt see any familiar cars so they detoured and went for a spin and even drove to the petrol kiosk beside Aunty Eleanor’s home to take a pee break WAHAHAHA silly humans! *shakes tail in disapproval*

What do you think these logs are for?

For crawling under! “Excuse me, do you need help?” “No I can manage if you dont block my view”

Jewel suntanning to a lovely golden brown

At the end of it all, guess who we saw?

Uncle Ronald’s meditation got interrupted. heh

Join us for the next gathering! I promise it’ll be fun.
You’ll have lots of friends, tons of exercise, and a mobile canteen where you can have drinks and good food. And look, even a portable sofa! 8)

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