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B for BAD

I was reprimanded by Mummy for biting myself silly.
She pointed the bald patches to me and said “Why did you bite yourself huh? Can you stop doing that!”

(Veron: Immediately after scolding him, he looked mighty sad and slipped away to….. our utility toilet. And stayed there for a good 15min until I had to go in to carry him out. I think he was self-reflecting and really guilty because he wouldnt even look at me when I teased him with the camera!)


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Up and coming

Hi ya all, I havent really got time to blog, because the mama’s been so busy with her school term tests and all. And not to mention, my papa is so caught up in his work and studies to bother about me. So these days are spent lying around the house until papa comes home at un-Godly hours to bring me down for a run if I’m lucky.

But all will change for the better, hopefully, when my folks finally settle down and get their own place. Ahh… so discussion has been rife lately between my folks and Mama’s friends, namely Aunty Shaz and Meiyee.
The aunties are talking about property and other boring stuff.¬† Think Shaz wants to move into Calrose condo at Yio Chu Kang, but I’ll be happy if I just get my own home and get to stay with Lizzy and Mama and see them everyday! Nevermind where we stay.
But I have a request – it must be near to training areas like the East.
That’s Papa’s suggestion too! He told mama that we should get a condo unit in the East as everything cool is there – famous food, the beach, airport, and most importantly, training!
Hmm but according to mum, that wont happen for the next 2,3 years lah because getting married and settling down takes time and $$ to prepare.

And oh, I’ve been kept busy these few nights because I am attending an Agility Seminar organised by PUPS. They flew in this South Australian trainer Luke Schneider.

I think he is so cool! (sorry papa).
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I think mama too, although I could see she was quite tired after every session.
You can read more about the Seminar here:

That’s all for now… Hope to have more updates when I go for potluck dinner and next Sunday’s Class95 dog walk.

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