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Luke Schneider Agility Seminar 2007

Yesterday marked the end of the seminar.
I am feeling sad already! Because I know fairly well that it just means my folks are going back to their busy schedules and wont have time to bring me for anymore Agility practice.
Does anyone have any solution for this? 😦

On hindsight, I picked up many new handling skills but I felt mama & I could benefit more if we had prior experience to this sport and are not so novice. It would certainly help if Mama didnt confuse her Front- and Rear-crosses. geeshhh..
Anyway it’s over and tonight we are going over to Dexter’s place for buffet dinner with Luke.

And oh! Yesterday for the first time we played this game called Strategic Pairs. It’s about finding a partner to run the course and whoever makes a fault will need to swap partners to finish it. If you faulted and your partner faulted at the same obstacle, you just have to keep swapping and get stuck at that obstacle.
I paired up with long-time pal Miss Nova for the game, and as a consolation to everything, we actually managed to get 3rd and 1st respectively for both runs. *YAY*

Ok it might not be a big deal, but com’on how about a little encouragement!
Everyone received a postcard. Here’s mine:

Can you see mama in the neon wind-breaker??

The tiny humans with their great dogs.

Obviously I’m so infamous for knocking bars that’s why Luke wrote what he wrote, and I’m all the more convinced that I should not give up this wonderful sport.
But as you all know, my social life and recreation are solely at my parents’ mercy.

Need to think of a solution!

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