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Ticked off.

I’ve been infested with ticks… and not only me, the whole house!!
It certainly freaked the humans out. They are everywhere – on the walls, in the kitchen, in the bedroom!
I must’ve caught them while playing in my favourite field.

To solve the crisis, I was sent off to Alex at Fur ‘n’ Away for a tick-off.


While I was at Alex’s, my folks went home to set off tick bombs in the living room and bedroom.

What a way to spend my weekend – I had to skip my pals Luna & Suria’s barkday pawty and miss Agility and Flyball because of Mama’s exams and now this terrible tick crisis. zzzzzZZz.. >_<

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Backyard Agility

Oh wee! My DIY jumps are finally out of the storeroom and in the open field. My open field. It’s just a 5min walk away from home, and the size of a football field which, thank goodness, nobody seems to use.

Although now, I only have 2 miserable jumps, but Mum promised that as I get better, she will get Daddy to make more.

This is probably the only photo of myself not opening my mouth because as Mama will tell you, I’m forever grinning like a monkey. Duhh.. That’s of course, NOT true! I’m cool and full of attitude!

The setup: Half a pinwheel with the tunnel as dummy because like Debra said, I’m a tunnel sucker. I hope she meant that as a compliment though. Heh. I didnt even make a single tunnel mistake today because I’m not at all attracted to this smallish thing they try to fool me into believing is a Tunnel. Humans can be so dumb sometimes… ZZz


I love this photo! This is the only photo of the mama & I. It’s usually only myself in photos.
All burned out from practice. What hot weather oh my.

Cousin Nicholas came over to join me in the field after practice. We played a good game of Fetch before Daddy came to help pack up and head home for


Very hungry now!

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Weighty issues

Yesterday Shanice & mama were discussing weighty issues.
She asked how I managed to lose so much weight in such a short time because apparently the last time she saw me at Petgamart swimming pool, I was FAT. I think I weighed close to 20kg then. But now, I’m a svelte 17kg! 8)

No, I’m not anorexic, nor do I endorse slimming ads.
The mama simply decided to feed me on a tried and tested BARF diet on weekends.
By the way BARF stands for Bones And Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.
Whatever it stands for, I’m not complaining!

Fresh pork ribs and meat from Shop & Save


This was what I ate last weekend:
Pork meat, ribs, plain yoghurt with live bacteria.

This is what I’m eating this weekend:
Chicken back, chicken wings, chicken claws, liver, drumstick, neck.

Will try to post up some pics of my other meals.
You see, it’s so exciting not knowing what you’re gonna get for your next meal!
Today’s Easter Day, will I get Easter eggs?

ETA: here’s a website that I read and found useful especially the “Learn More” section.

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Just one pic

Guess who took this smackin’ rockin’ photo of me? Looks pretty cool doesnt it? The photography skill I mean. Ahem. Can even capture that is-that-seaweed on my teeth?!?!?!  Oops!

I wonder if Uncle John would be kind enough to offer his services.
You see, I’ll be teaming up with pal Miss Nova for Flyball this Saturday. It’s official. Yay! Much thanks to Dexter & Deb.
We waited so long for this.
And we have lots of action going on doing Agility and playing Frisbees on the weekends.
I dont mind paying! Really. Cookies or fresh Raw Meaty Bones in kind.
For cash payment, you can always look for my folks!

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We have a new member!

My prayers have been answered because not only did I get to continue Agility practices as of yesterday, and from now on every Saturday, my folks have decided to give me a new sibling!
We waited 7 months for this litter, since 2006. Our new playmate is a girl. Whatever it is, it sure is gonna be full house here, I think my folks should stop at 3! Cant imagine when they have their real human kids.

This is she:

Look I found the meatroll!

Photo courtesy of the breeder Deb Kelly. She breeds working Border Collies only.
We havent thought of a name for her yet, but we sure are excited! Since there are no sheep for her to herd/hurt in Singapore, she’ll have to make do with Agility, Flyball and Obedience. That’s ALOT of work for a Border Collie if you ask me.

I secretly pray that she will have no problems with toilet training like Big Brother ME.
I got toilet trained on my first night at home due to my being smart enough to know where the utility toilet is (just in the kitchen, and the kitchen is where I stayed for a large part of puppyhood for u-know-what reasons )

Anyways Im really glad. I have an appointment for grooming today at Fur ‘n’ Away, and my Mom wants to treat me to some Raw Meaty Bones for being such a good boy always. 😀

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