Backyard Agility

April 15, 2007 at 3:52 pm Leave a comment

Oh wee! My DIY jumps are finally out of the storeroom and in the open field. My open field. It’s just a 5min walk away from home, and the size of a football field which, thank goodness, nobody seems to use.

Although now, I only have 2 miserable jumps, but Mum promised that as I get better, she will get Daddy to make more.

This is probably the only photo of myself not opening my mouth because as Mama will tell you, I’m forever grinning like a monkey. Duhh.. That’s of course, NOT true! I’m cool and full of attitude!

The setup: Half a pinwheel with the tunnel as dummy because like Debra said, I’m a tunnel sucker. I hope she meant that as a compliment though. Heh. I didnt even make a single tunnel mistake today because I’m not at all attracted to this smallish thing they try to fool me into believing is a Tunnel. Humans can be so dumb sometimes… ZZz


I love this photo! This is the only photo of the mama & I. It’s usually only myself in photos.
All burned out from practice. What hot weather oh my.

Cousin Nicholas came over to join me in the field after practice. We played a good game of Fetch before Daddy came to help pack up and head home for


Very hungry now!

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Weighty issues Ticked off.

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