About us

The Dirtydawgs gang consists of a Blue Merle Border Collie who hails all the way from Perth. His family tree can be viewed here: Mavy’s page
We also have a Shaded Sable Sheltie girl from Perth. However we do not know her ancestry because she is a rescue.

A little about how they came into our lives.
I first adopted Alice. At that time in 2003 I was actually looking for medium sized dog and shortlisted the Jap Spitz and Beagle. I didnt know why but a Sheltie wasnt on my list then.
As fate has it, someone online led me to this lady who has a female Sheltie up for adoption.
I went to see her with my ex, but still it wasnt love at first sight. She wasnt toilet trained, she had a couple of unsuccessful rehomings, and she was abused for a large part of her life until the lady rescued her.
I couldnt imagine how someone could keep a dog in a dingy cage and let her suffer skin problems until she was almost bald!
Alice also didnt take to me immediately.
I remember spending a lot of time that noon at the lady’s house.
After some deliberation, we decided to bring her home and give it a try.

The rest they say, is history. Now we’re inseperable. I adore her to bits and so does she, and I would like to think it’s mutual. Thank you Alice, for being so patient with a first-time Mama. I know it wasn’t easy putting up with me. Heh.
We’ve come a long way. I’ve worked on her behavioral problems, house-broken her, and trained her on Basic Obedience.
She has a certain limit and she shows me when she’s stressed, and I dont push her.
Now she is very happy living the high life!

Maverick came to us a little unexpectedly. A little unplanned.
Andy saw him and his brother in Sookee Kennel, the first batch of blue merle border collies flown in to Singapore.
It was the end of 2004.
He was pretty excited about this cute puppy, he said he had a cheeky face!
So the next day I went along with him and my mum to see what this cheecky puppy was all about, and we were bought.
Puppyhood was HELL I swear, but now we love him all the same.
He knows several tricks up his sleeve, like Take the leash (and bring Alice for a walk, which she hates!). He can also spin and bark on command.
That’s him squashing the already-flat face of a Shih Tzu! Let’s just say the owner wasnt impressed. 😳

We’re all very glad to have these 2 dawgs on board! They make the home furry and fun, that’s what dawgs are all about aren’t they? They just wanna drive you mad!
Life has never been the same with them. Life’s also never boring, except when you have to bring them to the groomer’s or vet!

Wanna know what my Dawgs do during their free time?
Mavy’s full-time job is an Agility and Obedience dog. He also does Frisbee, used to do Flyball, going to do Flyball again once given the green lights by the humans.
On his off days he is often seen running in the neighbourhood fields chasing after a ball or Frisbee.

Alice’s gainful employment is of a tai-tai. Yeap here her humans are slogging away for her, just so she can enjoy life relaxing on the couch. This girl doesnt like getting her paws dirty. Makes me wonder whether she is really a Sheltie?!? The only job she does now is bark for me when my phone rings, in case I couldnt hear.
She is a certified therapy dawg. However due to her humans’ busy schedule she stopped rendering her services at homes.
That might be short lived because as I found out, SKC has adopted my hospital as one of the adopted charities. Which means Alice may come to work with me some day. Yayness!

I will be dedicating this blog to tidbits of my life, but mostly what goes on with my precious pooches. 🙂


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