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I dont know why I havent uploaded these photos yet.
I’m looking really good now, if I may say so myself. ahem..
My fur is really thick and fluffy and soft.
Aunty Shanice says she wants to see a “new” me.
Cant wait to meet my friends for Nova’s, Shadow’s, and Archii’s bdays this Saturday! 😀

August 28, 2007 at 8:28 am 7 comments

Review – week 4


For the past week, nothing much happened – technically.
But come this week, fwah I think my fur has grown out considerably alot! Especially the sexy white fur on my neck.
And especially if you compare to my 1st photo prior to taking this miracle supplement.
Check out the “feathering” on the sides of my ears and face.
And the fur under my chin has sprawled out to be longer and covering more of my pink skin.

Other effects noted are softer and denser coat, and no more red and itchy skin.
No wonder I’m a happy gurl!

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Review – week 2



Fur has grown *abit* longer, when I stretch my neck, the pink skin can still be seen.
The fur on the underarm area and chest have grown to fully cover all parts of skin. =)

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[Alice] My gainful employment

I’ve been employed by Nova’s best friend, Shanice, to review a new supplement that isn’t launched in the market yet.

This is my first week, out of 2 months, and I’ve been very happy with the results so far.

This is me, taken some weeks ago at Marina South.
Notice the bald patches and sparse fur on my neck and chest.

And this is me today, look at my fur growing out slightly, covering the bald skin.
Notice that there’s still a little “pink” skin under my chin.
I’m not in full bloom yet, though, which I’m pretty sure I will be, if I continue eating the prescribed amount of supplement daily.

Updates again next week!

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Tagged by Loki the Sheltie!

Woah tagging must be some kinda trend, like chain emails in the past.
We’ve been tagged by Loki to state 8 random facts about ourselves, and then tag 8 other dawgs.
Let’s start with me!

1. I run and hide under the sofa everytime papa calls my name out loud. Go figure.
2. Chunks of my fur sometimes mysteriously “disappears” from my body, as if they were chopped off. Till now nobody knows what happens.
3. I love to jump on Mama when she’s at the computer, or concentrating on some task, and run away, mighty pleased with myself.
4. I dont really enjoy playing silly biting games with Alice but I just put up with it and pretend to like it. Just to please her.
5. I conned everybody at Petgamart once by falling asleep on one of the dog beds after a looooong swim and made them believe I really like sleeping on beds, but in the end when Mama got me a bed, I would only sleep on it ONCE. Frankly, I prefer the cool marbled floor.
6. I am left-handed. So if by any chance you are going to load my Flyball box, please load the ball on your right hole.
7. When I am excited, I bite my parents’ noses.
8. I’m Sensitive New Age Dawg.

Random facts about Divalicious Liz:
1. She thinks she’s a prima donna and aint afraid to show it
2. She is more kitty than dawg because she likes to lie on high and soft areas and isnt outdoorsy like she should be
3. She has those moods once in a while where she zooms round and round the house at top speed, stop shot, and suddenly zooms off again
4. Her mouth cannot be fully closed. Front rows of her teeth are exposed all the time
5. She has no idea what a ball is for
6. She hates thunder and rain. And water.
7. She loves food more than anything else in this world. Maybe even more than Mama. hmm…
8. She is Diva. Hear her bark!

Now we tag Jeannie & Jewel, Suria & Luna, Miss Georgia, Bear Bear the fearsome rottie, Shadow, and Nova!

June 1, 2007 at 4:53 pm 3 comments

Tummy tagged!

We’ve been Tummy tagged by the J.Lohs – Jeannie and Jewel Loh. 😆
But we’re so slow, there’s probably no one else left for us to tummy tag.

Anyhow, here goes!

belly belly happy

May 25, 2007 at 5:17 pm 3 comments

Ticked off.

I’ve been infested with ticks… and not only me, the whole house!!
It certainly freaked the humans out. They are everywhere – on the walls, in the kitchen, in the bedroom!
I must’ve caught them while playing in my favourite field.

To solve the crisis, I was sent off to Alex at Fur ‘n’ Away for a tick-off.


While I was at Alex’s, my folks went home to set off tick bombs in the living room and bedroom.

What a way to spend my weekend – I had to skip my pals Luna & Suria’s barkday pawty and miss Agility and Flyball because of Mama’s exams and now this terrible tick crisis. zzzzzZZz.. >_<

April 22, 2007 at 6:16 am 13 comments

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