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We’re invited!

Mavy says:
We’re cordially invited to Venise’s 3rd Birthday!
I’m just so excited!
You might not have met Venise before, but she is mummy’s friend’s GR Girl.
And mummy’s friend I’m refering to is Sharon, affectionately nicknamed Shaz by Mummy.
The Venue of the party – “Nicky’s house garden nearby” – Nicky is referring to Shaz’s GR, Nicky.
They stay in a HUGE house in Mayflower Gardens and the past few gatherings were held at the park nearby.
See this photo of us marching on?

According to Venise’s humans, she is 29 yrs old! How did they calculate that?
It’s all too confusing to do such Math every year, even for a smart-ass Border Collie like me. *ahem* A week ago, the Mama was still deciding what present to get for Venise.
Uncle Kenneth (Kaiser-daddy) suggested she get Coach collar.. Good Heavens! She wont even spend such money on a collar for me!
So after some deliberation from the Mama and Shaz, these aunties headed down to Pet Lovers Centre to buy doggy treats for the Birthday Girl.

I sure hope Venise enjoys them! for I have no idea what they taste like, since Mama has put me on a strict weight loss program which involves only kibble diet and training treats and loads of Frisbee and running.. But I’m not complainin’ Heh.

Under Mama’s influence, Shaz is putting Nicky under Mama’s regime for canine weight loss! It’s no secret really, Shaz just changed Nicky’s diet to Eukanuba Reduced Fat formula, and no more rice and lesser treats.
Plus, exercise during Shaz’s free time.
I even overheard Shaz wanting to buy one Frisbee from Mama!
Here’s what Shaz said: “I want Nicky to be the neighbourhood star” HAW HAW HAW
Just in case you’re wondering, on the scale of 1-9 below, Nicky’s a whopping EIGHT!!

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Makan Sutra

The place: Inside People’s Association chalets, at Pasir Ris Park car park E. It’s off Elias Road.
The price: Adult $13.80; Senior Citizens $10.00; Children $8.00 (or $10?? forgot); Students get discount too.

The spread: spoilt for choice with all the yummy food.
Bean sprouts (our fav), assortment of veg, thinly sliced beef, sotong, bacon, satay, crabs, prawns, mushmellows. . .. etc.

We liked the non-stick grill pans best! See? No foil. No oil.
No cancer-causing black carcinogens stuck on pans. Hot!

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Upper Seletar Reservoir

We spent the lazy hazy Saturday by bringing the dawgs to Upper Seletar Reservoir to stretch their legs. As usual, Alice would rather be hanging out at Cafe Cartel or some swanky place than running around in a field.
Mavy had quite a good time, needless to say.

After which, we brought them to Dr Frederic Chua @ Allpets, where Alice got her Steroids and skin treatment cream. Thanks to the Mama for giving her some new food, her allergy developed again. I was reminded again that her skin problems can’t be cured, but they can be managed well. That’s of course if I dont try to get adventurous again.
Now I’m made to cook for her a fish diet until the allergy clears. Great.

Mavy got some advice too – as a rule of thumb to lose weight, keep to the same protein level, reduce carb, reduce calories, increase fiber.
In the end I managed to get 2 free trial boxes of Eukanuba Weight Control Formula. 1 is for Shaz’s obese Golden Retriever.

We then headed to US Pet House to stock up some supplies, and went for dinner with my mum. Salted-egg crabs (yum!), asam fish, and spicy kang-kong.

We ended the night abruptly because Andy had to go meet his Stephanie-car-dealer, to see if he can fetch a good price for the car.


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Fishing kakis 090406

Went on another offshore trip.

Here're the photos!

From left to right: Jeffrey, Vanessa, Raymond, Chun Rong, me, Andy, Joycelyn, Jack.

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The Bark Cafe @ Changi Chapel

Yesterday it was raining and suddenly all our original plans were cancelled.

In the end, we wound up at Pet Movers Megamart buying milk bones, spare ribs and a toy.
After that we headed to The Bark Cafe for dinner.

It is one of our favourite hangouts because the patrons there are mostly dog-friendly ang mohs and the staff allow our dogs to dine with us. They dont have a pooch menu though.
But they serve great food at reasonable prices!

My main course: Traditional chapel stew with baguette *slurp*

Andy's main: Tenderloin steak with alfalfa, mashed potato and brocolli *yum!*

Our side: Buffalo wings

Here're 2 photos of unglam me pigging out:

Seated behind us was this ang moh family and this is what happened to Mavy:
Exposing the ring-a-ding-ding

Mavy was clearly smitten by all the attention from the kids. He's a true blue social butterfly. 😀

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Fishing trip @ P.Ubin 260306

A bunch of us went offshore fishing today.
The teams: 4 guys and 2 gurls.

We departed the dock in our chartered bumboat at 8.30am, at the Changi Ferry Terminal and left for the waters off Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong.
We didn’t bring the dawgs because it was our first time going offshore and we figured we wouldn’t know what to do if they decided to have too much fun and go swimming in the sea instead!

But turns out, apart from the sea sickness, it was FUN!!
Our boat could accomodate another 2 more persons and 2 more dogs at least.

Ok, enough of all the talk.
Here’re the photos!!

The kelongs, our initial stop to buy live prawns:

Andy’s first catch – a muddy scallop ??!

Paul’s golden snapper:

Jack also caught a red snapper!

The grunter fish (not the one with black hair):

Here’s a baby reef shark!!

When you’ve gotta go, you gotta go. Our toilet from 8.30am – 6pm is this trench!
Joy’s stepping inside the pee hole!

We caught 3 of these squids: Be careful the black ink!!


So in total, we caught 1 “Finger print” fish (which Jack and Joycelyn took home), about 6 red snappers, several other smaller grunter fishes, and 3 squids.
The winners: The GUYS! The GURLS: 0.
The one who caught most fish : Paul
The one who caught the wierdest stuff (like corals and scallop and reef shark) : Andy

We might be planning another offshore trip this coming Good Friday weekend.
This time, we might be bringing the dawgs. Anyone wana join us?

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